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Independence Elementary

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Our Principal

    Our Principal Ms. Qutio, 2018
    Pencil and crayon on paper
    21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (8½ in × 11 in)


    LAUSD 2019-2020 School Calendar

    A Diverse Community School

    The vision of Independence Elementary is to cultivate a learning environment where all students CAN and WILL learn in order to be successful in the 21st century. 

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    School Hours               Regular Instructional Hours          7:50am – 2:12pm Tuesdays                                            7:50am -1:09 pm    Minimum Day                                   7:50am - 12:59 pm  Shortened Day                                  7:50am -1:34pm       After-School Program                     2:12pm - 6:00pm 

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    7 Absences or Less

    Please join us in reaching our goal of 96% attendance!  This means that students must have:

    • No more than SEVEN TOTAL absences in the entire school year.

    Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and themselves. Creating a habit of good attendance is important.  Good attendance will help children do well later in high school, college, and work.

    • Be sure to come to school every day

    • Be in the gate by 7:50 a.m.

    • Stay healthy by washing your hands, going to bed on time and eating nutritious meals

    • If your child has a doctor or dentist appointment, please bring him/her to school before or after the appointment